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The BiGGER Book of Parenting Tweets i...

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Today is the day!!! Almost 400 tweets from over 50 of the funniest parents on Twitter is being unleashed on an unsuspecting public. And they’re in for a tweet treat. I’m proud to be a contributor to the follow-up to the best selling volume one from Kate Hall of Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Coffee and Hall of [...]

Mental Illness IS a Laughing Matter

Wait, before you tell me I’m a sick, sadistic jerk for laughing at mental illness, let me explain. What I’m talking about is the very real fact that humor and laughter is probably the most common and effective coping mechanism there is when it comes to dealing with mental illness. And I think we can all agree it’s a whole lo [...]

Passive Aggressive Poetry: Thank You ...

In this vast world of humanity, there is a phenomenon known as the one-sided relationship. One individual gives and gives and gives, while the other takes and takes and takes. Or, he/she will give occasionally just to make it look like they’re not a complete asshole. You know what I’m talking about, right? They only call you when [...]

I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone is HER...

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Today is the day! I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone hits the streets running in the wake of the news that it’s predecessor, I Just Want To Pee Alone has been newly minted as a New York Times Best Seller! Frankly, I’m so excited that this day is finally here, that I’m practically sitting here peeing in my office chair. Complete [...]

Part 2: Down in Front in Section C

section c 2
In Part 1, I was in full denial that I’d need a C section. The epidural was the thing weighing heavy on my mind while my firstborn weighed heavy on my mid-section. Then I found out I would indeed require the surgery… The news that I was going to need a C section sparked terror in my post-epidural brain. Not because I was hell-bent [...]

Down In Front in Section C

Section C
My husband is not squeamish. Not in the least. He will watch a “Walking Dead” marathon while eating ribs. Nothing fazes this guy. So when it came time for me to push a human out of my body, he was dauntless. But I wasn’t. “Well of course” you’re saying, “It’s not like he was giving birth!” And you’re right. But here’s the thing; a lot of men [...]

Song Parody: Teenage Waistband (Mama ...

Teenage Waistband
Teenage Waistband (Mama O’Widely)  music by The Who lyrics by Linda Roy video edited by John Mount  Out here on my street, all I do is eat I get my back into Thanksgiving A hoagie on white, a diet Sprite I need jeans to be forgiving, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Don’t cry…avert your eye There’s no more teenage waistba [...]

Aisle 9…Eternity

While making our way through the black hole that is Target the other day, a nice little old lady wheeled her cart up to my husband and me, looked around pensively and asked “Which way out?” Pointing first at the row of doors up front, then in the general direction of Health & Beauty, she posed the question again. “Which [...]

My Adoption Questions Will Finally Be...

Last month I turned 50. And in an interesting turn of events, just days ago, I discovered that questions I thought would be forever unanswered will finally be unlocked. At least most of them, but perhaps all. You see, I was adopted on December 16, 1965, ten months after my birth. I’ve always known that I was adopted – my parents t [...]

What Am I Doing Here? (Suburban Night...

I love my family. I love my kids. but I don’t love the ‘burbs. I’m an urban dweller who spent the majority of my adult life traveling around playing gigs in metropolitan cities and a decent chunk of my twenties living in New York City. So when my husband and I moved to New Jersey to start a family, let’s face it – [...]

10 Things I Wish I’d Known Befo...

Photo by DaveBleaedale / CC BY We plunge into this thing called “motherhood” without so much as an instruction manual. I mean, what the fuck? You wouldn’t buy a car if you thought there wasn’t a two-hundred page volume in the glove box to help you find the knobby that works the windshield wipers, so why would you b [...]

Ashes To Ashes…Ruff to Ruff

Photo by dunechaser / CC BY There are skeletons in my closet. Well, not exactly, but close. Allow me to explain. You see, this weekend I decided to clean out my closet and get organized because organization is porn for women. As I began the arduous process of digging deep into the recesses of every nook and cranny of the space to purge years [...]

Concert Promoter Pat DiCesare’s...

HardDays_cover002 300
In rock and roll, the role of the concert promoter is significant; the ying to the musician’s yang. Now that online streaming and downloadable music have cut a wedge into physical record sales, live shows and sales of merchandise are the main sources of income for touring acts. The stakes are much higher now; the percentage of big tour [...]

People I Won’t Follow on Twitte...

Photo by aldh / CC BY Lately I’ve been delving a little bit more into that quasi-mysterious social media behemoth we all know and sometimes love, known as Twitter. I’ve had an account for a few years, but I admit, I was one of those people who really didn’t get the point. “It’s for…what?…writing clev [...]

All That Glitters is in the Litter

   What? “What is she about?” you ask.   I’m talking about cat litter. No, wait! Stay with me here a minute. I haven’t lost my mind, I haven’t been sniffing the litter or anything. Well… in all honesty, in the past I didn’t really need to sniff it. The odor just sort of wafted throughout my house, all the way from the little nook i [...]

Passive Aggressive Poetry: To the Per...

passive aggressive poetry
To the person ahead of me in line Go ahead dear, please, just take your time I’m in no real hurry, though this line is Express You’ve got 62 items, I’ve got 61 less But hey, don’t do anything under duress Like doing the decent thing Letting me go first It’s not like I’ve corpuscles threatening to burst Or [...]

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOOM! Kids Music is P...

You’re tooling around in your car, you think about cranking some tunes with the windows down, the wind in your hair…you reach for a CD…maybe it’s a Stones day.  But just as soon as Mick gets into it, your 5 year old is drowning him out with protests.  “I WANNA LISTEN TO MYYYYYY MUSIC!” Nineteenth nervous [...]

Book Cover Reveal: I Still Just Want ...

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The follow up to the best selling humor anthology I Just Want To Pee Alone, which was compiled and edited by Jen Mann of the popular blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat, is I Still Just Want to Pee Alone, and I’m thrilled to be among the list of distinguished and talented contributors! Featuring 4o humorous tales of motherhood fro [...]

Laugh In

Laugh In
Laugh In Knock knock… Who’s there? Funny… Funny who? Funny…me Funny…you Laughter: the great sanity stabilizer Try to get through life without LYAO GOOD LUCK Do I amuse you? You amuse me We’re all in on the joke Punch lines Bumper stickers Bits HUMOR ME The world’s a funny place Ya gotta laugh The wor [...]

Compassion is Never Too Little, Too L...

I consider myself to be a pretty compassionate person. However, as I look back on my life, I am reminded of times when I could have been warmer, more generous, more giving, and certainly more understanding. In some ways, youth and our own tendency toward self-absorption gets in the way of truly seeing those around us and recognizing their nee [...]

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