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I’m willing to cop to it: I like food. No, I love food. And I’ve gained about 10 pounds this Winter to prove it.  Dessert? Why, yes…thank you! I never met a cookie or cake I didn’t like, you know what I mean? So when my good friend, fellow pug enthusiast Lin Randolph, asked me to be blog editor for her company, Alecia Bakery NYC blog, I was only too happy to agree.  A bakery blog? Yes please!

I met Lin many years ago at the NYC Pug Meetup that she has been organizing and running for a long time at the Soho Animal Haven. Lin and her adorable pug Lenny host the monthly meet ups where we basically watch loads of pugs run around sniffing each other’s butts, and we get to hang out and drink in the pug deliciousness. Omg you guys, whether you’re a pug person or not, this is the coolest thing. My favorite meetup is the annual Halloween Costume Parade. One year my pug Lefty and I won ‘Scariest Costume’ when I dressed him as Darth Vader.


Lin & Lenny


Lefty & me


At the NYC Pug Meetup annual Halloween Costume Parade at Animal Haven Soho

Lin would bring the wonderful things she baked to add to the refreshments table at meet ups and on Holidays she’d send gift packages full of delicious things like whoopie pies, cookies, cookie bars, home made caramels, hot chocolate mix…and always packaged so beautifully using earth friendly materials. How generous and amazing is that? We we didn’t know it at the time, but we were some of the lucky early taste testers of some of the goodies that would eventually be offered at Alecia Bakery.  Our mutual friend and I would tell Lin she just had to start a bakery business. To tell you the truth, I think she was way ahead of us, already dreaming up a scheme for World Dessert Domination.

The bakery at Alecia is made from all natural wholesome ingredients and many of the baked goods are gluten free.  You don’t taste a difference. Everything is so decadent and delicious.  They make caramel corn, gluten free caramels, granola bars, even canine cookies. It’s all available to order from the website, and a storefront is in the works. I’m looking forward to that!

So…my new mantra, I guess, is “Will work for food!”.  Wait – I think that was already my mantra. Anybody out there need a blog post? Buy me a BLT and we’ll talk.

I invite you all to stop by and check out the website and the blog. I’ll be blogging about Alecia’s baked goods and all things food in general. There are a lot of food issues in the news,  and due to society’s ever evolving views on health and nutrition, there’s a lot to cover.  There’ll be informative posts, humorous posts and an opportunity to discuss the foods we all love, remember from childhood, wish we could still get, love to cook and bake and dream up at night when we’re starving after watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. 

Oh. And there’ll be pugs. Of course there’ll be pugs.

lenny macarons

Lenny and the macarons (Could be a punk band)
photo by Lin Randolph


  1. Lin's Gravatar Lin
    February 27, 2014    

    Can you believe it’s been eight years since the pugs brought us together? EIGHT YEARS! We’ve managed to pack a whole lotta life into those years. I should have a full head of grey hair

    • February 27, 2014    

      Wow! I was trying to remember exactly how many years it’s been. I wish I could get in for the meet ups as often as I used to . I miss it. I’m going to resolve to get in more often! We have definitely packed a lot of living into that time and I remember Marilyn and I saying to you “you should start a baking business!”. Of course, you were probably already thinking about it. And look at you now! So proud of you. You done good, girl! xoxo

      • Lin's Gravatar Lin
        February 27, 2014    

        I think the most memorable pug moment was when you announced Biggies had eaten a mouse.

        You definitely have more on your plate these days then when we first met. Maybe the whole crew will feel up to coming in for Lenny’s birthday this year.

        • Lin's Gravatar Lin
          February 27, 2014    


        • February 27, 2014    

          I would love to. omg – we were just talking about that the other day. He inhaled the thing in like a second. It was so freaky. God, that dog ate everything.

          • Lin's Gravatar Lin
            February 27, 2014    

            Seriously. It’s going to be a ginormous party! Okay, so there won’t be a costume parade, but come on…few people want to miss the opportunity to see (and eat) a vegan, vegetarian and carnivore inclusive, lunch for 100+ humans made from scratch in my tiny NYC apartment kitchen. Lenny will, of course, be supervising the preparations.

  2. February 28, 2014    

    Awesome gig! Congrats. And lefty makes an amazing Darth. :)

  3. March 5, 2014    

    Great article. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. April 28, 2014    

    Recipes are amazing…………………………….

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