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Filming a Rockumentary: Grumpy Old Punks


Last summer, Kevin’s band Grumpy Old Punks, brought a camera crew to the house and filmed a Rockumentary which is now in post production and will be ready for public eyes soon to coincide with the release of a new EP! I documented the documentation and I’m sharing it with you.

The backstory on Grumpy Old Punks, is that my husband Kevin was in a band in high school with lead singer Lou Brutus, DJ at Sirius XM radio, and drummer Matt Guzda. Many years, and several other projects between them all later, Lou had the idea to get the guys together again and form a humorous punk band from the perspective of middle age. After all, don’t middle aged guys have a hell of a lot more to be annoyed and pissed off by than 20 somethings?  Thus, Grumpy Old Punks were born. Their stuff is hilarious, from That’s No MILF, That’s My Wife, to Empty Toilet Paper Roll, these guys not only bring the funny, they bring some kick ass rock n roll along with it, incorporating shades of the stuff they grew up on, The Ramones, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, et al.

Lou writes the lyrics and Kevin writes the tunes with collaborative efforts from Guzda and bass player, longtime friend of Matt’s and Kevin’s, Brian Sugent, who is also currently in the punk band TV Tramps with Guzda.


Each band member was interviewed, reality TV style. Here, it’s Kevin’s turn to put in his two cents. The location? Our bedroom; where the magic happens. That thing hanging to his right? Oh that’s our neon vagina. It was a wedding gift. Yep.

DSC_0139 DSC_0135 DSC_0142


Matt and Lou wax comedic in our back yard.


Couple o’ hams. The Catskills in our own back yard.

DSC_0151 DSC_0157 DSC_0160

Brian Sugent, Kevin and Lou Brutus

DSC_0161 DSC_0167Stay tuned…I’ll have updates on the release of the EP and the GOP Rockumentary. It promises to be hilarious!

Here’s their video.

For more on Grumpy Old Punks, check out their website!



  1. March 17, 2014    

    I think grumpy middle-aged punk rockers are the best kind. What?

  2. March 26, 2014    

    After meeting your husband I KNOW this will be great

    keep me updated on when it all comes out

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